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Always the eyes….

Each skin care line has products for eye care and those are where most spa clients what to focus their home care. In addition to the tried and true adage of rest, exercise, sufficient fluids, and avoiding excess alcohol consumption, we need some help from science.


Skin care products are not just a stirred-up version of good ingredients, but a well-thought out blend. Putting together a cosmetic is science and nature meeting with the exact proportions. A good eye care regimen consists of at least two home care products in addition to good hygiene. First, a watery gel carefully applied not too close to the edges of the eyelids. Applying too closely causes puffiness. Let it dry down for a minute. Second, add an eye cream. Good eye creams are light in weight, not the same overall weight as a face cream. I often refer to their behavior a ‘fluffy’ when touched. Apply with gently patting motion, again staying a quarter and an inch or so from the inner edges of the eyes. Above the eye, apply below the brow on the bony area only, no lower.


This routine may be done twice daily.


Cleaning lashes and eye area is important. Gentle cleansing of the lashes can be done with a clean wash cloth and is folded to a point. Gently brush the lashes to remove debris and ‘sleep’ from the eyes. Our spa recommends an inexpensive reusable cloth called ‘Le Chamois’ which is great!


For makeup removal in the eye area, use what works that is least aggressive. Our Dr. Belter line has two eye makeup remover products: Eye Makeup Remover Lotion (watery and least aggressive) and Eye Makeup Remover Duo (more oily for suborn makeup). We also utilize Dr. Babor Hy Oil for initial face cleansing and Dr. Belter Stimula Nobless Cleansing Oil. Both of the latter are good for overall face.


Keeping the eye area clean and well-moisturized is great. Want to go a little further? Then use an eye care product with a ‘growth’ ingredient, for example replace a basic eye cream with Skin Medica’s Eye Repair Cream. Up the ante to an eye care product for more mature skin as needed for mature skin. Puffiness can also respond to a chilled compress treatment.


Concerned about the ‘bags’ under the eyes. Good skin care can somewhat reduce puffiness under the eyes but will never eliminate the ‘bags.’ Consult with you cosmetic surgeon whom you trust and you will find out that each of us has typically little pads of fat under the skin below the lower eyelid. The several bags are clipped and removed during a routine eyelift operation or in some cases augmented. So it’s not just a matter of the removal of excess skin and tightening, but the correct treatment of these little fat pads that will make a remarkable difference!


I have had the remarkable privilege of observing cosmetic surgeries over the years through good working relationships with both the surgeon and permission of the patient whom I knew personally.


For cover creams used in the eye area, refer to jane iredale for a good selection of cover products in several different weights and coverage abilities; Circle Delete, Disappear, Active Light, and Enlighten.

The products sold in our spa represent many years of testing for effectiveness as well as for appeal in scent, texture, and weight. Currently, Terry recommends skincare from Dr. Belter, SkinMedica,

Dr. Babor, and Cell-Renew.

The difference is unmistakeable...


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